Typical swabian

Sunday, 16.06.2013

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun was shining, the temperatures grew up. Ideal conditions to visit an amusement park. For Lyra a special experience, because she was never before in such a park. The drive from Rutesheim to Cleebronn was quite fast, so we were half an hour at the park. Until then, I've left Lyra about today's destination in the dark....


After passing the entrance, receiving us the park with an idyllic old town with small shops and souvenir stalls.

We strolled leisurely through the streets.



The first attraction we had reached the "joyride". On boats you drive from one Pakour and can spray the oncoming boats. Since it was still early in the morning, the wait was still moderate.


Directly behind the windmill is the "Mühlbach Ride". A white water course for children. The boats have room for one or two children and a parent.


Next we went to the "wine bucket ride". As the name implies, you go there in wine barrels, which thematically fits the area Cleebronn.

Lyra has the ride really good fun. Now it was time for breakfast. We searched a nice picnic area and ordered something.

Then we went towards the Vinarium, the wine museum in Tripsdrill. There are exhibits viticulture machines of the 19th Century. In addition, you get on presentation of the ticket a small wine glass (Lyra thought even with wine).

Then we went on to the east. In a large meadow, a giant heart was planted with flowers, we made ​​our next photo stop.

Snapped by me ....

and ... from Lyra.

The building in the background is actually also an attraction, but which is given very little attention. This is the Swabian wedding. The building is divided into two parts. The right is the church and left the inn. The landlord, a mechanical doll, speaks in the Swabian dialect and is looking forward to the wedding couple. This is located in the church and then come out with a chapel, rose girl and guests from the church and go to the inn. Quasi constantly moving in a circle, since both buildings are linked together ... but what I'm talking about long ... just watch the video clip.


Then we passed the farmhouse. I still have nerve-wracking memories from my childhood. You have to imagine, when you climb up the ladder as a little 5-year old the rascal and waiting who comes out, to scold you all the rules of art in Swabian dialect. In 99% of all cases you vowed to improve,being a good child and annoys your parents a little less.

A few meters further on we reached the wacky wheels. Bicycles, which are complicated to go through intentional bad design, which looks pretty funny.

Here the film ...


Directly after we drove the butterfly flight, a monorail train for two people, which is driven like a bicycle.


Then we went on south on. There we passed the vortex mushroom ...

...and the Gugelhupf-Gaudi-Ride.

Then we reached the furious centipedes. A relatively short but great roller coaster ...

After this thrilling ride we needed some cooling. A good opportunity to "wash tub-Raftig" to drive.

Across the bridge you reach the entrance.

If you look to the right, you see then the vortex at the end of the ride.

I was a little scared for my iPhone and have therefore I did not filmed because you will really get quite wet ...

We now arrived at the east end of the park.

There you will find a huge picnic area (not of course usual in an amusement park) with stalls that provide you with all sorts of goodies.

The castle in the background is the entrance to the white water rafting "bathtub-ride" and roller coaster "frenzy sow".

We have chosen for the roller coaster.

Then we headed back to the main entrance and made there a few more shots.

We left the park and went walking on the wildlife paradise.


Wildlife Paradise Cleebronn

We walked over a longer way from the park to the wild paradise. Lyra enjoyed the beautiful weather and the beautiful scenery.

Then we reached the wild paradise. Admission usually costs € 9.50, but the entry for Tripsdrill visitors is included.

Using this train one can by the way be transported between Tripsdrill and the wild paradise there and back, but costs extra.


wild boar





So, that's it. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.